040coders.nl: Talks and Videos. Food and Drinks. Every 3rd Thursday somewhere in the 040 region. 040coders.nl: Talks and Videos. Food and Drinks. Every 3rd Thursday somewhere in the 040 region.

Privacy Statement

At 040coders.nl, we take your privacy very seriously.
That's why we plan not to invade it, at all.

Please allow us to explain:

040coders.nl is a Meetup group. We're loosly organized and essentially al our administration is done automagically, for a fee, by Meetup.com. You, as our guest, registered with Meetup - not with us. The only thing that we receive from Meetup is the following info:

Note that it is Meetup who is e-mailing you. When we e-mail our attendees, it has to be through Meetup's services. We don't know your e-mail address. We will not mis-use this e-mail channel to send you information of any kind that does not directly link to the previous or next event. We unfortunately do not have any control over what Meetup sends you.

For your convenience, here is a link to Meetup's privacy policy.
And you can adjust your Meetup email preferences.

No data

We, 040coders.nl, choose not to keep any information.

Essentially: we do not have any data on you.


There's one small exception: we post pictures after each Meetup. You may be featured on a photo. But we do not post pictures of individuals and we do not put names to the pictures. If you want to have a picture removed, please send a request to the below e-mail address.


At the end of each event, we ask the attendees to fill in a questionnaire, anonymously. This is voluntary. Only the aggregrated results of the questionnaire are kept and shared with speakers and the host.


The only information we keep on our speakers, is what's present on their respective abstract pages, plus e-mail addresses, phone numbers and the results of the aforementioned questionnaire.
Even these will be removed upon request.

contact: organizers at 040coders.nl
contact: organizers at 040coders.nl