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Miniaturization and Documentation of X-Ray Systems

using Arduinos and PlantUML


Jaap van Alphen and Klaas van Gend By: Jaap van Alphen and Klaas van Gend
From: Philips Healthcare, IGT Systems

Talk at Meetup 20200220


The Philips Azurion Image Guided Therapy systems are are designed and manufactured in Best, The Netherlands and shipped all over the world.

These systems are designed to be fitted to a large hospital room. They're far from convenient to ship to exhibitions.
Cue the ''Madorodam System'', a 1-to-5 replica of the original Azurion FlexArm.
It runs the same motion software as its bigger counterpart. Only at the lowest layers, movement is sent to Arduino boards that control miniature motors.
Jaap van Alphen discusses the problems, solutions, and fun things the team faced during the development of this miniature X-Ray system.

Jaap and Klaas work together in a project, working on a new feature. The whole team develops new code and modifies old code. But regulations are strict: everything must be properly documented. Having worked with about a dozen different UML tools, Klaas was fearing the worst for the documentation hunger at Philips.
But... There's light at the horizon. This project uses PlantUML to document their designs. No more click-drag-where-did-that-option-go and why-is-this-line-never-straight stuff. Just a simple scripting language to describe the diagrams, and PlantUML will do the drawing.
Klaas will do a live coding session, showing how quickly you can create various UML diagrams with the help of PlantUML.

Klaas's slides are now available.
Jaap's slides will not be published.


Jaap van Alphen studied Technical software Development at the Hogeschool van Utrecht.
Experience: Less professional stuff:

Klaas works for Sioux Embedded Systems in Eindhoven. He acts as Scrum Master and Tech Lead for a Philips project since September 2019. Klaas introduced TDD and Ping-Pong-Pair-Programming to the project. This allows him time enough to still join in some heavy C++ coding sessions.
Prior to Philips, starting 2016 Klaas worked (via Sioux) as software designer and scrum master for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Before 2016, Klaas worked for (now defunct) Vector Fabrics and MontaVista Linux Software. And for people with long memories ... Klaas worked already at Sioux from 1998 until 2004.
Outside work, Klaas is famous for co-organizing 040coders.nl.
He loves his girlfriend Andrea, boardgames, automating his home, and his three guinea pigs Tom, Freek and Bram.

contact: organizers at 040coders.nl
contact: organizers at 040coders.nl