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cloud-based lockers


Robert Beekmans By: Robert Beekmans
From: Sioux

Talk at Meetup 20191121


Vecos builds lockers. You know, small doors with locks to keep things safe. Sioux is the technology partner of Vecos.
Vecos delivers the #1 locker system; their solution is recognized by: This list may sound like an excellent marketing bullet list; for the regular locker user, it’s nothing more than opening & closing a door to store their belongings safely.

Robert takes you inside the cloud-based locker system by revealing the 'key' elements used under the hood. The journey takes you from the edge to the cloud by discussing how they used Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps, Google protocol buffers, Yakindu state chart tooling and automated testing. Even the use of a digital twin for performance and stress testing is not forgotten.


Robert Beekmans is a Senior Software Designer at Sioux Embedded Systems. This is his first talk at 040coders sharing his experience gathered while working on a cloud based locker system at Vecos.

As an embedded systems expert, with 20+ years of experience in the architecting, design, implementation and evaluation of embedded hard- and software, he has been part of several multi-site and multi-cultural projects. During these years he has professionalized his skills by working in consumer electronics, industrial automation and control application areas. Furthermore, he likes to extend his skills by focusing on the latest developments and design techniques with the goal to explore new challenges.

When he is out-of-the-office, you might encounter him while cycling his road bike, reading a book, watching a movie or listening to music. Not to forget he likes spending time with his wife, two daughters and the Finnish Lapphund while discovering Europe with the caravan.

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