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Xamarin for cross-platform apps

one platform to rule them all?


Erwin de Groot By: Erwin de Groot
From: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Talk at Meetup 2019-03-21


Nowadays, when you want to release your software to as broad an audience as possible, you have to consider several platforms. Developing separate applications for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows can be a development hell. Not only do you need to know several technologies, but you also need to test and maintain several applications that basically do the same.
And just like all the different types of computer screen cables: I would like to have only one, please.

Xamarin attempts to help us with the above problem. It claims that you only need to develop your application and user interface once and can deploy to many platforms.
But does Xamarin deliver on this claim?

For this talk, I will discuss some key parts of the Xamarin technology.
Furthermore, I will talk about my experience of using Xamarin to bring my app ‘PhotoSpiralysis’ to several platforms.

Erwin's slides are now available.


After getting a degree in Computer Graphics, Erwin started working as a software developer.
Soon enough he ended up at ASML, where they quickly recognized Erwin’s ability to break things. To (only seemingly) contain the damage, Erwin (who was at that point also known as ‘Evil Erwin’) was made Software Architect and was kept far away from the code.
He continued in this role when he moved to Thermo Fisher Scientific where he was also quickly removed from the code to work on more ‘abstract’ or ‘high level’ things.

Because of the lack of exposure to coding at work, Erwin has picked up some coding projects in his spare time (where the damage can be contained). With each project, he attempted to master a different coding technology such as WPF, GPU programming, Silverlight, HTML5 and lately Xamarin.

contact: organizers at 040coders.nl
contact: organizers at 040coders.nl